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Kotoya - located on Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angeles- is a stylish ramen restaurant that serves more than a bowl of ramen soup, their flavors are a labor of love. The Kotoya space features wood design elements with a touch of class and sophisticated ambiance. Great care is taken with every aspect of the restaurant to ensure each patron gets the best possible service and hospitality when they visit.

In 2011, Shinsuke Horinouch crossed the Pacific, and brought his signature recipes from Asagaya- the Tokyo suburb in Japan. When he arrived in America -through trial and error- he mastered the perfect ramen recipe. The best bowl of ramen comes from never making compromises in preparation time for each ingredient.

All the elements served in Kotoya’s ramen bowl -the broth, noodles, and garnishes- are the highest quality, and Kotoya is fully committed to preparing the best ingredients. Mr. Horinouch says, “There is no time to sleep when creating the greatest ramen flavors.” His high standards are what separates his restaurant from the competition, and keeps eager patrons returning to try more of his unique ramen bowls.

The foundation of any ramen bowl is the broth- and it should never be oily and heavy- lengthy preparations are necessary to achieve a light, smoky, and delicious flavor. Kotoya serves two rich flavors- Tonkotsu with soy sauce and Tonkotsu with miso- each takes 14 hours to complete!

Alongside the Tonkotsu broth, Kotoya specializes in preparing flavorful meat. The mouth-watering Chashu gets its memorable taste from 4 hours of braising the rolled meat at low temperatures. The soft and rich texture of the meat comes forward from marinating it in soup broth for 3 hours.

At Kotoya the garnishes are perfectly paired with the broth, and the noodles are cooked just right. The Menma is made from scratch with raw bamboo shoots, and they spend 2 hours creating Ajitama eggs that taste like perfection. Each Kotoya ramen bowl comes with 2 options: white ramen is made without spices and red ramen is made spicy. The tasty alternatives mean several return trips to Kotoya try all the different flavors available.

An expansion of Kotoya’s menu is in the works, so stay tuned for plans to pair the food with drinks- izakaya style. There will also be kusiage options down the line including: deep-fried meats, veggies, and cheeses. For now, Kotoya is the ideal place to relax with friends and enjoy steaming bowls of high quality ramen.

Clients can expect:
* Meat and soups slow-cooked to perfection
* Garnish ingredients made from scratch
* Flavor packed into each delicious recipe
* Authentic ramen that warms the soul